Back to Basics: Validation

Dizingov Cafe, Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia, 2006-01-29

Recently while working on site with one of our clients I saw validation code that missed mark for usability. For *n* error messages, this code would have the user doing up to n round trips to discover each of the error conditions. In this post I'll discuss a model for arranging your validation code that is both user friendly and defensive.

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Bamboo 1.0.0 Released

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2006-01-24

A few months ago I wrote a brief post where I suggested that we need a new language for defining page layouts which makes it easier rather than harder to define page layouts than the current CSS based solutions. In October last year I realized that while I’m waiting for the W3C and the major browser vendors to take up my suggestion, I could create my own language and implementation using JavaScript.

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Are that shop's cakes delicious?

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2005-06-04

A: あまたせしました。あれ。つちださんがいませんね。どこですか。 B: つちださんはケーキやいますよ

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Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2005-06-03

Sharp have a line of PDA’s called Zaurus. These things are nowhere near the mainstream, but they heave huge developer appeal since they run Linux and Java, and you can develop software “on-board” using vi and various compilers.

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