Software Engineer Role Leveling

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017-01-28


Large software companies usually have a leveling model and a body of documentation to help people-managers guide their direct reports on what level they’re at and how to improve and advance. They’re never great but they are a necessary evil once you get beyond about 20 developers and 3 managers in order to have at least the semblance of a level playing field when it comes to assessing people for their annual reviews.

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Testing Bad RAM to Diagnose Server Crashes

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015-03-21

The new ESXi server that I built some months back has been crashing suddenly and unexpectedly. At first I suspected the system disk where the hypervisor is installed (which is quite old) might be bad and swapped it out but the crashes still occurred. On a hunch that it might be a RAM issue I flashed a MemTest86 USB key and tested the RAM and sure enough:

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Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2010-06-26

The Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case is specifically designed to be within the FAA size-allowance for cabin baggage.

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Routing Audio Between Skype and Ableton Live on OSX

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2009-10-23

A couple of days ago I [pwnd audio routing on OSX]( so that I can now conduct Skype interviews via Ableton Live.

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808 Live Jam


Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2008-10-16


I just got my TR-808 back from having it’s main output circuit replaced. Here’s a clip of it in action along with 303 sounds provided by Rebirth and controlled with a Novation Remote controller keyboard. I’m also running a TR-707, but in this clip it was just driving MIDI clock to Rebirth and Sync24 into the 808.

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Building Software is a Craft not a Science

Melbourne, Australia, 2016-05-04


In my second year working as in software I became committed to the idea that as an industry we should be working to develop standard-gauge components that would fit together in precisely known and reliable ways. It should be like when a civil engineer builds a bridge - they know exactly the stresses and tolerances of the iron girders, steel cables and pre-cast concrete members that they have access to.

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Introduction to TeamCity for .NET Developers

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014-03-25

This evening I gave a presentation on TeamCity at the Bangkok .NET meetup which is sponsored and run by my friends at Jetabroad

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Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2010-06-13

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Amalga HIS 5.3 Ship It!

Fraser Suites, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008-12-01

My first Microsoft Ship It

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Linux On-board Thai Airways

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2008-10-07

The in-flight entertainment system onboard Thai Airways aircraft is based on Linux running on Motorola 68k hardware. I found this out yesterday when mine crashed and I got to see it reboot!

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