The Maldives

Angsana Velavaru, The Maldives, 2018-04-15

A couple of snapshots from our Songkraan trip to The Maldives.

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Introduction to Docker for .NET Developers at Bangkok ,NET Meetup

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017-09-26


This evening I did a shortened 1-hour version of the Introduction to Docker material that I’ve presented elsewhere in Thailand as well as in New Zealand recently.

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Building Software is a Craft not a Science

Melbourne, Australia, 2016-05-04


In my second year working as in software I became committed to the idea that as an industry we should be working to develop standard-gauge components that would fit together in precisely known and reliable ways. It should be like when a civil engineer builds a bridge - they know exactly the stresses and tolerances of the iron girders, steel cables and pre-cast concrete members that they have access to.

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Testing Bad RAM to Diagnose Server Crashes

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015-03-21

The new ESXi server that I built some months back has been crashing suddenly and unexpectedly. At first I suspected the system disk where the hypervisor is installed (which is quite old) might be bad and swapped it out but the crashes still occurred. On a hunch that it might be a RAM issue I flashed a MemTest86 USB key and tested the RAM and sure enough:

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Introduction to TeamCity for .NET Developers

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2014-03-25


This evening I gave a presentation on TeamCity at the Bangkok .NET meetup which is sponsored and run by my friends at Jetabroad

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Introduction to Docker - Tech@Agoda #18

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017-11-11


Today I had the chance to run a full day workshop on Docker via Agoda’s TechAtAgoda meetup series. It was a great day thanks to the attendees who were very engaged and curious about Docker. Thank you to Agoda for the great workshop facilities and especially Tim and Joel for organizing the event.

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Software Engineer Role Leveling

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017-01-28


Large software companies usually have a leveling model and a body of documentation to help people-managers guide their direct reports on what level they’re at and how to improve and advance. They’re never great but they are a necessary evil once you get beyond about 20 developers and 3 managers in order to have at least the semblance of a level playing field when it comes to assessing people for their annual reviews.

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UK Ministry of Justice Guest Speaker at Tech Talk Thursday, Orion Health

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016-02-04

Over the past couple of years the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice have been applying Design Thinking to develop new user experiences for British citizens who need to interact with the ministry including via online digital channels as well as paper forms.

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Captain Crunch at Tech Talk Thursday

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2015-02-09

Today we were fortunate to have the infamous phone phreaker and security expert John Draper aka Captain Crunch join us as guest speaker for Tech Talk Thursday (on a Monday).

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A Souvenier from Microsoft

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013-12-24

Earlier this week the last vestiges of our time with Microsoft were taken down from the wall and we had the chance to take a small piece. I grabbed the silver “M”.

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