Converting Repositories from CVS to BZR on Debian Etch

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2008-04-15

I’ve been using Bazaar for version control for about 3 months now and it’s been working well, so it’s time to start converting some older modules that are versioned under CVS to BZR.

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Domain Name Tracking

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2008-03-18

I’ve been registering a few domain names lately.

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Tunneling VMWare Server over SSH with PuTTY

Au Bon Pan at Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008-02-06

SSH tunneling is a really neat all-purpose technique for getting TCP/IP traffic securely from you to a remote server.

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Coffee in Bangkok

J.W. Marriott Hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008-01-12

Sometimes you get a coffee that makes you stop what you’re doing because it’s so good. You stop everything and just admire the cup for a moment and say something like: “that is one fine cup of coffee”. If you’re a coffee person, you know what I’m talking about.

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VMWare Server on Debian Linux with Accurate Timekeeping

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2007-12-30

How to setup VMWare Server properly so that your guest operating systems dont suffer from slow or fast running clocks, and so you don't get the "rtc: lost some interrupts" error.

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Generate PDF's on Windows with Open-Source

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2008-03-27

PDF conversion software for Windows is one of those categories where there seems to be a million shareware bits of crap out there cluttering up the place. SourceForge saves the day again: if PDF conversion is something you need, I highly recommend PDFCreator. It is:

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A New Reason to Love ThinkPad

Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2008-02-29

The cooling fan in my two-and-a-half year old ThinkPad T42 had started making death rattle type sounds and it was clear it was on the way out. I called the local service number to arrange to get it repaired under warranty. The process went something like this:

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Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore, Singapore, 2008-01-20

This is my first trip to Singapore

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Back to Bangkok

J.W. Marriott Hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008-01-03

So I flew back into Bangkok overnight.

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Home, Elsternwick, Australia, 2007-12-27

My brother is most of the way through shooting a short film called Chinjoni. It tells the obscure story from World War I of Southern Sudanese who found themselves serving as soldiers on the Western Front for their colonial masters the French.

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